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Sports Leadership Of The 21st Century - 1105 Words

Borland, J. F., Kane, G. M., Burton, L. J. (n.d.). Sport leadership in the 21st century. Borland gives understudies the most present and extensive comprehension of authority in game administration. Written and contributed to by driving game administration specialists and professionals, this content submerges understudies in the learning procedure through contextual investigations, interviews with pioneers in the business of sports, and rich substance. Parts of this book have been produced to give his most recent findings light to help young experts and sport administration understudies get to be pioneers in various regions of sports. Dockweiler, S. (2014, August 2). Https:// quiz-youll-take-this-week. Retrieved September 25, 2016, from This quiz by Dockweiler will not only help you to discover traits about yourself that you may have not noticed before, but its an actual eye opener and he has some great ideas that may be beneficial in the near future. Dockweiler mentions BuzzFeed and that the videos and even quizzes are so addictive but regrettably are not commonly helping any of us get in addition in lifestyles. Furthermore, this quiz is a comparative style on a persons maximum loved BuzzFeed test a development of inquiries that have you ever select a image that relates together with your solution the aftereffects of this one are truly in mild of an all round regardedShow MoreRelatedA Leader Within A Sport Organization1307 Words   |  6 PagesConsider the discussion of various sources of power as related to leadership. Provide a discussion of how a leader within a sport organization (be sure to identify this leader) uses those sources of power when exercising leadership behavior. Sport Leadership in the 21st Century discussed the theory of leadership and the sources of powers that leaders tend to use in order to have influence over a group or individual and provides the ability to change another person’s behavior, actions, or attitudeRead MoreThe Leadership Style Of The 21st Century1435 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagement that are proven to be successful. Even out of the three most common leadership styles, authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire, the latter, is still considered a fad and too risky. Laissez-faire (french for leave us alone ) is a style where the workers have the decision making power. Even as recent as 2008 Samual C. Certo wrote â€Å"Supervisors are rarely, if ever, able to practice this style of leadership because the nature of the supervisor s job requires close involvement with employees†Read MoreNetflix : An Exemplar Of Emerging Technologies1133 Words   |  5 PagesAs the world entered into the 21st Century, humanity h as witnessed an ecology of innovation that ranges from artificial hearts and livers to iPods to Bluetooth technology to smartphones and many more (21st Century Inventions That Made an Impact†). Each with its own unique attraction has become a catalyst in nature for how individuals think, act and live. Along with these state of the art developments, Netflix has become the cutting – edge service for internet streaming media. Deemed as â€Å"a worthlessRead MoreEssay on Adaptive leadership543 Words   |  3 Pages Adaptive leadership is becoming widespread in the United States Army amongst junior officers in leadership positions that require quick thinking and innovation. Leonard Wong discusses how the versatile and unpredictable enemy and situations in Iraq produces adaptable junior officers. These officers are learning to make decisions under chaotic conditions and are becoming more mentally agile. The Army is changing. The Army is transforming its capabilities in the war in Iraq to be effective and successfulRead MoreEmotional Intelligence : The Silent Generation Forward Into Retirement And The Technology Babies Enters896 Words   |  4 PagesLiving in the 21st Century one must be able to control what is important in the day to day lives. One must be able to understand the emotions of others as well as their own. In the growing work force it is becoming important as the silent generation moves into retirement and the Technology babies enters. Emotional intelligence or (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Some has even felt that emotional intelligence is the characteristic of a learned behavior and canRead MoreThe Commercialisation, Professionalization And Equity Of Sport1714 Words   |  7 Pagesprofessionalization and equity of sport has changed from the 1950s to today. This piece of work will also discuss the different techniques and strategies that organisations within sport used to commercialise, profe ssionalise and set social stratification. The worldwide interest in sport is phenomenal, regardless of your skin colour, religion, health, social status, gender and home nation. Sport is a universal platform for happiness, revenue and success. Even though sport has made the leap from just loveRead MoreThe Leadership Of Cal Rugby1157 Words   |  5 Pageshad a strong history of excellence under the leadership of Jack Clark. Through his tenure, he has demonstrated leadership behavior that has produced a great amount of success. Based on the research of Bernard Bass, a leadership scholar, he defines leadership as, â€Å"those who inspire followers to achieve extraordinary outcomes while also helping develop the individual skills of followers.† Coach Jack Clark is someone who I believe exemplifies this leadership style through his work with Cal Rugby. ThereRead MoreInstructional Leadership : Teaching And Learning780 Words   |  4 PagesSimply put, instructional leadership focu ses on students. Instructional leadership â€Å"is strongly concerned with teaching and learning, including the professional learning of teachers as well as student growth† (Bush, 2007, p. 400). There is heightened awareness with instructional issues, ensuring professional development, conducting classroom observations, communicating high academic standards and ensuring the school environment is conducive to learning (Hattie, 2015). Instructional leaders areRead MoreSports Management1026 Words   |  5 PagesSPORTS AND games have been a part of human civilization from times immemorial. Sports and games provide a wonderful opportunity for  holistic development  of our body and mind. It inculcates a spirit of healthy competition and a true sense of patriotism within us. With the passage of time a lot of changes have taken place in the sporting world. In the beginning of the 21st century it is clearly evident that a huge amount of money, glamour, name, fame, media exposu re and fan following has become anRead MoreThe Curriculum For Excellence And Education1165 Words   |  5 Pagesimportant to employ methods which prepare children from a young age for a life of work. In order to do so, the curriculum is based on seven key principles which are designed to provide young people with the knowledge and skills for life in the 21st century. This knowledge and skill is learnt through experiences and opportunities which are carefully planned for each age group, encouraging space for learning out with the standard school subject boundaries. The programme has four main outcomes prompting

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Essay Time Capsule - 1406 Words

TIME CAPSULE NAME HUM 102: Intro to the Humanities II DATE Introduction Throughout time the humanities have evolved and proof of this evolution is seen in each of the different concepts that humanities cover. There are several time capsules that are rumored to contain pieces of some of the most influential art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. To find these capsules would be to travel back in time and hold in ones hands the true measure of what the humanities has accomplished during its evolution. Art The Renaissance was perceived as a rebirth of ancient traditions. It breathed new life into the artists of its time with the development of new techniques and new artistic†¦show more content†¦He was known for the order within his work. He incorporated mathematical order into his buildings and is well-known for the work he accomplished for the Cathedral of Florence. The Architecture Time Capsule contains the document with the blessing from the cornerstone of this great church. The Baroque style of architecture focused less on mathematical order and more on boldness. Colonnades, domes, color effects, volume, and void are all concepts of the Baroque style of architecture. The Piazza of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is a great example of Baroque architecture in its preference for the grandiose. It captures all of the concepts that dominated the Baroque style of architecture and brings them together to create something that is visually stunning. The time capsule contai ns a painting depicting the aerial view of the colonnade and piazza of St. Peter’s. The piazza was so large and spectacular that it could accommodate more than 250,000 people. Philosophy Philosophy during the Renaissance was also about the rebirth of mankind. Renaissance philosophy covered the rebirth of classical civilization and learning. Humanism, the effort to recover and revive Greco-Roman culture, was introduced and the way people thought about and understood their purpose in life was changed forever. Humanism led people back to the old programs of study that embraced grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry, and moral philosophy. The Philosophy Time capsule contains a copy ofShow MoreRelatedThe Universal Time Lapse Capsule1450 Words   |  6 PagesUniversal Time-Lapse Capsule, or TLC, is a hand-held device shaped like a huge pill with a dial in the middle for you to decide which time period you would like to travel to. It is still a very new device that can malfunction at any given time. The Victorian Age is a time period that anyone from the modern time period would boldly stand out in. People talk, dress, socialize, and entertain themselves in very dif ferent manners. This guide was created to help you survive through this time era if somethingRead MoreThe Importance Of Preserving Items Of A 500 Year Time Capsule1690 Words   |  7 PagesThe idea of preserving items in a 500 year time capsule may seem like an amazing idea but it is actually rather difficult to find objects worthy of being put in it. Certain items from my infancy would have to be included because certain events that happened back then have helped to make me the person who I now today. My infant life was not one full of idealistic situations due to my birth parents who were unfit to take care of me, and I am thankful I call my aunt and uncle my mom and dad. They wereRead MoreEssay about What I Would Place In A Time Capsule555 Words   |  3 Pages What I Would Place In A Time Capsule As the turn of the millennium approaches, the human race will continue to develop new technology and new ways of thinking. It is always enjoyable to take a visual journey back in time, to view what was considered advanced and what thoughts of future times represented. A time capsule stored with precious documents and possessions from a past era can serve as a visual and material presentation of what past times were like, and put in prospective the accomplishmentsRead MoreThe Discovery of a Time Capsule1640 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE PEOPLE AND TIME Time defines how people fashion, behave and live. On the other hand, there are a few times in history that are shaped by famous personalities and known as their age. 1960 was a major year in the political history of America as we know through internet sources. Yet, the time capsule we recently found shows us much more than that. It tells us things besides the stats and numbers. It tells us about the thoughts, feelingsRead MoreRenaissance Time Capsule1187 Words   |  5 PagesRenaissance Time Capsule Rodney A. Mathis HUM/102 June 2, 2014 Dr. Julie Kares Renaissance Time Capsule As part of my introduction to humanities class, I was required to probe for a concealed time capsule from both the Renaissance and the Baroque ages. Thereafter, I was required to identify at least two examples of art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature depicted during the periods. By doing so, I expected to identify how these examples reflected world events and cultural blueprintsRead MoreEssay about 1960 Time Capsule1584 Words   |  7 Pages1960 Time Capsule Vickie Canzenza Kaplan University The first of the five items that were found in the 1960 time capsule was a newspaper with â€Å"Kennedy Assassinated† on the first page. Late in his brief term of a thousand days, Kennedy took up the civil rights issue because of the increased in violence in some of the southern states. He called for increased federal power so thatRead MoreTime Capsules from the Renaissance and Baroque Time Periods Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesTwo time capsules were found during renovations of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence. One time capsule dates back to the Renaissance time period. Artifacts in this time capsule included a painting of The Birth of Venus, a lute, drawing of the Florence Cathedral’s dome, and a book called The Decameron. The second time capsule had artifacts from the Baroque time period. Artifacts in this time capsule included a painting of The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, a stage painting in an operaRead MoreTime Capsules from Renaissance and Baroque Periods1172 Words   |  5 PagesFor almost two years, we have been in search of what we believed were time capsules, hidden away between the years of 1400, when the Renaissance period started, and 1750 which marks the end of the Baroque period. We are pleased to announce that our nearly twenty-four year search has ended in the discovery of two such capsules. Each of these capsules contains information, vital to the understanding of past cultures and their origins, and necessary to the development of culture today. In whatRead MoreWhat I Found in a Time Capsule in the Year 2325854 Words   |  3 PagesIt is the year 2325. I am a very prominent archaeologist who has just been summoned to a dig site because my colleagues have made a unique discovery. They have found a time capsule from the 1960s that was buried long ago. Very carefully, my colleagues and I unearthed this time capsule, and inside the time capsule we found five items that define the era of the 1960s. The very first item that we found was a news paper clipping about the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963Read MoreTime Capsule Unearthed: the 1960s Revisited Essay1381 Words   |  6 PagesTime Capsule Unearthed: The 1960s Revisited Michelle Houle Kaplan University SS310 - Sociology Final Project Time Capsule Unearthed: The 1960s Revisited A poster with a large peace symbol on it (Rigby, A. (1998). A peace symbols origins. Peace Review, 10(3), 475., ) The peace symbol was a very prominent part of the 1960’s since the era was filled with remembrance of the past wars merging with the new rawness of the Vietnam War. The symbol was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, .

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Computers Are Valuable Tools To Motivate Students Education Essay Free Essays

As stated in the Literature Review, many developed states are seeing ICT as a possible tool for alteration and invention in the instruction field and they are therefore, puting massively in the proviso of ICT tools in the schools. Likewise, Kozma and Anderson ( 2002 ) wrote in their paper â€Å" ICT and Educational Reform in Developed and Developing States † that for an economic system to be knowing, instruction should be its primary necessity. Simultaneously, the instruction schemes in schools are flexing towards ICT. We will write a custom essay sample on Computers Are Valuable Tools To Motivate Students Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now And every bit far as the consequence from our study in concerned, the same instance is deduced in the Mauritanian context whereby we can see that all of the secondary Mathematicss pedagogues do hold a computing machine in their ownership every bit good as an cyberspace connexion. They are invariably doing usage of the computing machine every bit good as are connected to the cyberspace on a day-to-day footing. The Mauritanian Government besides is lending in the integrating of ICT in the instruction sector by presenting the synergistic whiteboard in the schools which is an efficient instruction tool for the pedagogues to learn in an advanced manner and convey about a alteration in the accustomed chalk-and-talk procedure of instruction. However, a full integrating of the instruction tools have non yet been made in all the Mauritian secondary schools since it can be noted from the consequence of the study that most of the province and private pedagogues are non in ownership of an synergistic whiteboard to their instruction pattern. They are so obliged to carry on their categories in the computing machine lab as and when required but unluckily, this is non possible for all pedagogues ; they are therefore left behind to transport on with their usual chalk-and-talk manner of learning Mathematicss without doing the usage of any ICT tool in their schoolroom. One of the chief grounds that may be advocated is the deficiency of fiscal resources by the schools to buy these ICT instruction tools, peculiarly those from the private schools who have to self-finance themselves to a certain extent and have the staying financess from the Private Secondary School Authority, which is once more to an extent non sufficient to transport out the necessary outgos of the schools. Additionally, the province schools are limited to a certain budget provided by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources at every interval of the budget exercising. As explained by Hepp, Hinostroza, Laval and Rehbein ( 2004 ) that there is no cosmopolitan truth for using ICT in instruction ; it all depends on every state ‘s world, precedences and long-run budgetary chances and committedness. Accessibility is hence non considered merely by holding entree to a computing machine and the cyberspace but besides, the other factors which influence the success to the integrating of ICT in the instruction sector whereby it is a complex procedure which can be eased with the followup of the four phases as proposed in the Literature Review chapter. 5.2 Use OF ICT ICT can be used in three ways at schools: for pedagogues to show, buttocks and proctor cognition ; to heighten administrative work ; as â€Å" larning content in relationship to pupils ‘ information literacy † ( Myungnghee Kang et al. , 2011 ) . Sing merely the usage of ICT by the secondary Mathematics pedagogues, they are expected to do the usage of this advanced instruction tool in their day-to-day instruction pattern. The pedagogues are therefore viewed as facilitators to the pupils instead than doing the pupils dependent on them for their surveies. On the other manus, from the in-depth analysis of the study, it is deduced that most of the secondary Mathematics pedagogues of Mauritius used ICT for personal usage instead than a teaching tool at the degree of the schools. They are chiefly engaged in surfing the cyberspace or on e-mail and chatting exercisings ; they are therefore tagged largely as entertainers instead than facilitators by the pupils. However, it besides depends on the willingness of the pedagogues to do usage of ICT in his or her instruction and acquisition pattern. For this ground, many surveies on engineering credence have been conducted over the old ages and it appeared that these surveies had focused on the designation of factors that influenced engineering credence among pedagogues and pupils. One of the chief factors that can be seen to act upon these pedagogues can be the deficiency of preparation provided to them for the proper integrating of ICT in their instruction pattern. It is noted from the study that 80 % of the respondents have ne’er made usage of any Mathematics-specific package in their instruction pattern since they have ne’er been trained for the usage of these package like Graphmatica or Maths Blaster. Nevertheless, some pedagogues have made usage of other package like the Scientific Notebook but they keep off from doing farther usage of these package since the secondary Mathematicss course of study is besides non decently designed for the usage of ICT in the procedure of learning as seen by 62.2 % of the respondents. As discussed in the Literature Review chapter on the benefits of utilizing ICT in instruction of the topic Mathematics whereby both the chance to learn Mathematics better and to learn better Mathematicss should be considered in school engineering programs and teacher professional development. Therefore, holding a proper reviewed course of study for the secondary degree for the Mathematics topic will heighten the integrating of ICT in the instruction of the topic. Furthermore, besides the betterment in the course of study, the pedagogues are invariably seen to be actuating the pupils to do heavy usage of ICT in their acquisition of Mathematics. 138 of the respondents have agreed to be giving a assisting manus in the integrating of ICT in the instruction and learning procedure but however, it all depends on the willingness of the pupils every bit good to accept this alteration. As depicted from the study, there exists a relationship between the encouragement done by the pedagogues and the willingness of the pupils but it is tested to be rather a weak relation which can be influenced by other factors. Therefore, it is noted that really few of the pupils are willing to utilize ICT in their learning procedure of the topic Mathematics. Although the assorted advantages discussed in the Literature Review chapter by Papert ( 1997 ) , really few of the twenty-first century pupils are rather acute to look for replies to their mathematical inquiries on t he cyberspace in Mauritius. 5.3 Percept Statement ( a ) – Computers are really helpful to me in executing my responsibilities. As discussed in the Literature Review on the fact that with the usage of ICT in the instruction and acquisition procedure, pupils become more independent of the pedagogues and hence, let the pedagogues to acquire an first-class opportunity to larn from the pupils every bit good as to pattern being an information-seeker, womb-to-tomb scholar and risk-taker. The same state of affairs is applied to secondary Mauritanian Mathematics pedagogues whereby from the study, it is found that 60.6 % of the respondents do accept to the statement that computing machines are really helpful to them in executing their responsibilities. Therefore, the integrating of ICT in their instruction pattern makes their undertaking of learning a challenge in bettering and conveying about invention in their instruction accomplishments. Added to this, it is noted from the crosstabulation of the first statement as respects to the old ages of experience of the respondents that most of the people who agree to this statement have a teaching experience of 6-10 old ages which demonstrate that these respondents are really good cognizant of the old state of affairs whereby ICT was non being used and how the instruction sector is altering with the integrating of ICT whereby it will be of great aid to all the histrions of the instruction field which consists chiefly of the pedagogues, the pupils and the disposal. Statement ( B ) – It is really of import to maintain in touch with ICT. Similarly the first statement, the 2nd statement which is to show the importance to maintain in touch with ICT by the secondary Mathematics pedagogues, it is found that 66.4 % of them do hold with the statement since computing machine is seen to be a really of import tool for the respondents in executing their responsibilities decently. With the fast enlargement in the technological universe, it is hence really of import to maintain in touch with ICT to be cognizant of the different developments go oning all about, for illustration, the usage of societal webs like Facebook in the instruction and acquisition procedure. Following this statement, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources has already included this consciousness in its Education and Human Resources Plan 2008-2020 ( 2009 ) whereby it is stated that for the proviso of quality instruction to all, the reappraisal and development of instructional stuffs that are antiphonal to altering technological demands will be carried out. Furthermore, it is besides noted from the crosstabulation of the 2nd statement and the age group of the respondents that most of them are of the age group of 31-35 old ages old. They are therefore classified as being really familiar with the usage of engineering in the day-to-day life and can see the importance and benefits ICT is conveying about to different undertakings. Hence, they are really acute to maintain in touch with the technological promotion to assist in their instruction procedure. Statement ( degree Celsius ) – The cyberspace provides me with valuable information to fix lessons. It is stated in the chapter of Analysis that 55.6 % of the respondents agreed to the statement that the cyberspace provides them with valuable information to fix lessons while 10.8 % disagree with this fact. It can be farther discussed that those who have agreed with the statement are acute to be information searcher, womb-to-tomb scholar and hazard taker as discussed antecedently. They are ready to accept the engineering integrating in their day-to-day pattern as a challenge and run into the demands. However, this is non the instance for all respondents whereby the proportion of 10.8 % who disagreed are loath to do usage of ICT in their day-to-day pattern. As stated by Teo ( 2011 ) , with the impact of engineering on the instruction and acquisition procedure, outlooks on pedagogues to work technological advantages will lift, therefore taking them to see the force per unit areas of holding to toggle between teaching method and engineering in a seamless manner. Bing chiefly in the age group of +45 old ages old, these pedagogues are unwilling to convey about a alteration in their instruction pattern by doing usage of the cyberspace to fix their lessons as they already have their long clip experience in the readying of their ain notes. Statement ( vitamin D ) – Computer can assist me to be advanced in my attack to learn. As stated in the Literature Review that many states see ICT as a possible tool for alteration and invention in the instruction field ( Erdogan, 2009, adapted from Eurydice, 2001 ; Papanastasiou A ; Angeli, 2008 ) , the tendency is being followed by Mauritius besides whereby it is noted from the study conducted that 56.4 % of the secondary Mathematicss pedagogues do accept to the fact that computing machine can assist them to be more advanced in their attack to learn. It besides coincides with one of the strategic ends of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius which is the proviso of quality instruction to all and therefore, the usage of ICT as a tool for the instruction and larning procedure in the schoolroom is emphasized. On the other manus, a proportion of 16.6 % of the respondents have disagreed to the statement which comprises largely those pedagogues form the province schools instead than the private 1s. This is so because although the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius has integrated the thought of presenting ICT in the instruction sector in the Education and Human Resources Plan 2008-2020, it has non yet been to the full operational with the non-availability of adequate ICT resources to the province schools. Therefore, the pedagogues have to restrict themselves to what they are being provided with to convey about an advanced attack in their instruction. Statement ( vitamin E ) – Computers are valuable tools to actuate pupils. twenty-first century kids choose to look for replies to their inquiries on the cyberspace ( Myungnghee Kang et al. , 2011 ) . Besides, pupils who had followed ICT classs had more possibilities of being employed as most of the occupations today require a good cognition of ICT. Therefore, as respect to the respondents, 74.9 % of them have agreed that computing machines are valuable tools to actuate pupils in their acquisition procedure. Following this fact, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius has been advancing the survey of ICT in lower signifiers of the secondary schools along with the upper signifiers. Added to this, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has late included in its budget for the twelvemonth 2013 the proviso of one tablet computing machine to each and every pupil in Form IV categories, thereby actuating the pupils in utilizing ICT in their acquisition procedure. However, a farther analysis of these informations every bit respect to the willingness of the pupils responded to quite a negative attack from the pupils ‘ side as really few of them are willing to do usage of ICT in their learning attack of the topic of Mathematics particularly ; they are more likely to larn the topic as was directed antecedently instead than making research work in the capable affair. Statement ( degree Fahrenheit ) – I need more preparation for the proper execution of ICT in my instruction. With the analysis of this statement in the old chapter, it has been noted that 4.36 % of the respondents have agreed to the fact that they are in demand of more preparation for the proper execution of ICT in their instruction procedure. As such, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius has made this proviso every bit good in its Education and Human Resources Plan 2008-2020 ( 2009 ) , that is, the preparation of the pedagogues in the usage of ICT in the instruction and acquisition procedure. This is to be done with the strategic end of implanting engineering in the instruction system of Mauritius. A farther analysis of this statement was done harmonizing to the different age group of the respondents which revealed that all those who have agreed to the statement are from the group age of 36-40 old ages old and above and they are therefore in demand of extra preparation as they have non been exposed to much usage of ICT before. Whereas, a proportion of 16.2 % of the respondents have disagreed to this statement whereby they form portion of the age group of 36-40 old ages old and below and they may therefore be considered to be from the digital age as the pedagogues that are being recruited presents have a full background of the usage of ICT in the instruction profession as per their capable affair. These respondents may hold followed classs from the Mauritius Institute of Education or from different universities whereby they emphasize on the usage of engineering along with the teaching method accomplishments in the instruction sector. Statement ( g ) – Adequate resources are available for usage in my schoolroom. The Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius has included in its Education and Human Resources Plan 2008-2020 ( 2009 ) the proviso of ICT installations to guarantee that all pedagogues make usage of these ICT installations on a regular footing for the instruction and acquisition procedure and this undertaking was to be implemented by the twelvemonth 2015. However, this does non reflect the aim to be met by the ministry as at the twelvemonth 2012 whereby it is noted from the study conducted that merely 8.1 % of the respondents have accepted that they have adequate resources for usage in their schoolroom while the remainder have disagree or strongly disagree with the statement. This dissension can be noted from both the province pedagogues and the private pedagogues upon a farther analysis carried out. The grounds that can be exploited from the province schools can be the limited budget provided to each school ‘s fund and that of the private 1s, the addition in the outgos of the schools. Nevertheless, Hepp, Hinostroza, Laval and Rehbein ( 2004 ) have been really explicitly explained that there is no cosmopolitan truth for using ICT in instruction. It all depends on every state ‘s world, precedences and long-run budgetary chances and committedness. Statement ( H ) – Performance of students can be improved through the usage of ICT in the instruction and acquisition of Mathematicss. As discussed in the Literature Review, research surveies have brought frontward the fact that the usage of ICT every bit good as other learning schemes have enabled pupils to travel to higher-order thought ( Jonassen A ; Carr, 2000 ; Kearney A ; Treagust, 2001 ; Oliver A ; Hannafin, 2000 ) . Therefore, pupils develop constructive thought accomplishments. As a consequence the pupils are larning in order to fix themselves for the hereafter information age ( Salomon, 1993 ) . Harmonizing to Kozma ( 2005 ) , ICT can be used to heighten pupil apprehension, therefore increasing the quality of instruction. This statement has been agreed by 55.6 % of the respondents as good whereby they do believe that the public presentation of the pupils can be improved through the usage of ICT in the instruction and acquisition of Mathematicss. On the other manus, after analyzing the information of this statement in conformity of the course of study of Mathematicss, it is to be noted that these respondents have besides agreed to the fact that the course of study of Mathematicss for the secondary degree is non decently designed for the integrating of ICT in the procedure of learning the topic. This demands a close follow-up along with the subject on course of study design discussed antecedently. Extent to which ICT is being used and accepted in the schoolroom. Over the past few old ages, several large-scale international surveies have documented the successful integrating of ICT in schools ( Lim A ; Hang, 2003, adapted from Mann, Shakeshaft, Becker A ; Kottkamp, 1999 ; Sivin-Kachala, 1998 ; Wenglinsky, 1998 ) . However, this does non look to be the instance for Mauritius whereby most of the respondents have stated that ICT is being used and accepted in their several schoolroom to some extent or non at all. This maximal figure of respondents signifiers portion of both the class of province and private schools. It can be confirmed that the whole instruction system of Mauritius is non working at 100 % with the usage of ICT in the instruction and larning procedure of the Mathematics topic. Although, Hepp, Hinostroza, Laval and Rehbein ( 2004 ) have been really explicitly explained that there is no cosmopolitan truth for using ICT in instruction and that it all depends on every state ‘s world, precedences and long-run budgetary chances and committedness, it should be taken into consideration that ICT instruction was already identified as an of import pre-requisite for the economic development of Mauritius since The Master Plan on instruction was prepared in 1991. As at day of the month, ICT integrating in the instruction and acquisition of Mathematics has non been able to accomplish a 100 % success as compared to other states. How to cite Computers Are Valuable Tools To Motivate Students Education Essay, Essay examples

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The Current State of Economy Essay Sample free essay sample

Now that the financial drop battle is over and the debt ceiling argument hasn’t reached a febrility pitch — non yet. anyhow — it seems like a good clip to take a measure back. assess the economic mentality. and see what it means for American households. The good intelligence is that the U. S. has enjoyed more than three old ages of uninterrupted economic growing and falling unemployment since the recession ended. The bad intelligence is that this has been the weakest recoil since World War II. Economic growing has averaged less than 2. 25 % since the recovery began and is estimated to hold slowed to less than 1 % in the most recent one-fourth. Unemployment is still manner above where it should be at this point. Budget jobs remain the main hindrance to faster growing. The financial drop trade did small to cut down the one-year shortage. about $ 1. 1 trillion last twelvemonth. Not that full sum demands to be eliminated. We will write a custom essay sample on The Current State of Economy Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page though. Part of the current shortage is merely the normal consequence of a weak economic system. Furthermore. if the economic system were turning at its historical mean rate of 3. 25 % a twelvemonth. the U. S. could afford to run a shortage of half a trillion dollars or so. Even so. the shortage still needs to be reduced by something like $ 300 billion a twelvemonth. That means farther disbursement cuts and revenue enhancement hikings that will be a retarding force on the economic system. Consensus estimations are for somewhat slower growing this twelvemonth – an estimated 1. 8 % . down from 2. 2 % in 2012. The most optimistic economic experts foresee a little betterment in growing this twelvemonth. followed by 3 % or more in 2014. While that would acquire the economic system back to its long-run mean growing rate. it would stay far short of the powerful recoil that usually follows a recession. For the past three old ages. unemployment has been coming down easy but steadily. The most recent study calculated that 155. 000 occupations were added to the U. S. economic system in December and that the unemployment rate of 7. 8 % was unchanged from the revised figure for November. Significantly faster occupation creative activity – 300. 000 or more new occupations a month – would be needed to convey unemployment down with the velocity desired. While the financial drop argument centered on revenue enhancement hikings for the rich. the termination of the paysheet revenue enhancement cut means that most middle-class households are paying $ 600 to $ 1. 200 more a twelvemonth. With both the debt ceiling and the sequester nearing. extra grosss will likely hold to be raised as portion of any deal to cut disbursement and cut down the shortage. Any revenue enhancement rate additions or caps on tax write-offs will doubtless be aimed at the rich. but typical households will likely be hit to some grade as good. Policy shapers can loosen up when one-year rising prices is between nothing and 2 % . and right now they’re basking sweet rest. Consumer monetary values have risen merely 1. 8 % over the past 12 months. Indeed. this past summer Federal Reserve president Ben Bernanke rated his policy of quantitative moderation as reasonably much a entire success. Merely problem is. Bernanke has tripled the size of the money supply in the procedure. which could spur rising prices if the economic system of all time starts turning robustly. Consumers remain cautious. and credit-card debt is down 16. 5 % since it peaked before the recession. That will enable households to step up their disbursement a small as the economic system improves. Certain specific classs of debt. nevertheless. are still lifting. In peculiar. large pupil loans are weighing on recent college alumnuss who have non yet been able to happen well-paying occupations. The existent estate market continues to travel up. and farther betterment is likely as unemployment comes down. But place monetary values remain far below their old highs. Furthermore. there is still an overhang of hard-pressed and antecedently foreclosed belongingss for sale that will keep back a wide lodging market recovery. Although gas monetary values fell tardily last twelvemonth. they have started back up once more. thanks in portion to steeper revenue enhancements. Overall. they remain rather high by historical criterions. Ultimately. gas monetary values depend on the cost of oil. which has more than doubled since the recession ended. As the planetary economic system recovers. demand for oil could increase. which would maintain gas monetary values high. The combination of slow growing and low rising prices is by and large good for stocks. and a figure of predictors see moderate additions for bluish french friess this twelvemonth – including Jeremy Siegel. who has said â€Å"there is an overpowering chance that we’re traveling to acquire Dow 15. 000. † Surely it makes sense for investors to go on doing parts to their long-run retirement programs. Unfortunately. the current occupation market is coercing some households to borrow against their 401 ( K ) nest eggs. Overall. the economic system is easy bettering. although it could be derailed by unexpected dazes. In add-on to domestic jobs. there are the same international hazards that have existed for more than a twelvemonth. Conflict with Iran could force up oil monetary values. Economic convulsion in China could interrupt the planetary economic system. And the euro currency crisis – which continues to decline despite sporadic cheerful declarations – could ache growing worldwide. For people who have secure occupations. good recognition. and a stable lodging state of affairs. the mentality is by and large encouraging. Taxes. rising prices. and gas monetary values may crawl up but higher stock monetary values and place values matter a batch more. The discouraging note is that this recovery will most likely continue to be weak. That won’t do much to assist those who are unemployed or underemployed. or who have lost their places. Addressing those jobs would necessitate far more ambitious budget reforms than have been considered to day of the month. And without such reforms. the great danger is that current slow growing.

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buy custom Marketing Communication of Bulldog Brand essay

buy custom Marketing Communication of Bulldog Brand essay Introduction Advertising and other forms of communication tools in the marketing plan play different roles and are in their own ways effective in pursuing and attracting customers but one common purpose they fulfill is to build and increase brand equity and effectively position the brand among the consumers. Reflecting upon the customer based equity model, one comes to find that the marketing communications have a big role to play in building up brand equity through brand awareness; points of parity and point of differentiation for the consumers for the brand; giving out positive memory associations with the brand for the consumers and building a stronger relationship of the consumers with the brand with connections and resonance with the brand that is unique in nature (Biel,2000). Along with establishing the desired positioning and knowledge association with the brand, marketing communication programs can provide incentives eliciting the distinctive customer response that paves way for brand equ ity. ForBulldog, a well-crafted marketing communications can do wonders for building a strong brand image, position and equity among its target customers: the men. But the challenge is to incorporate the right communication methods in the communication mix to make the overall marketing communication plan effective. The company may have to move ahead of the traditional Television advertising and look ahead for new forms of mediums that can prove faster communication and attraction of the audience. Therefore, for the selection of the tools to use in the plan are based on a selection criteria and each assessed using the importance of SOSTAC model. The flexibility of marketing communications comes in part from the number of different ways that can contribute to building the brand equity of Bulldog. At the same time, brand equity would help marketers determine how to design and implement different marketing communication options. The paper will discuss the role that marketing communicati ons can play for building the brand equity and brand image of Bulldog Brand, the importance of the SOSTAC model for the various elementsin the communication mix of the marketing plan,whether the emotional connection as proposed is effective in contrast with the rational association that the brand has been previously building and finally how relevant the Whartons article about the future of advertising is for the marketing of Bulldog Brand. Marketing Communications Theory and Models Marketing communications refer to the tools and methods employed to inform, convince and attract consumers about the benefits that the company has to offer to the consumers in the form of products or services (Bowesox,1992). Marketing communications speak for the brand delivering the message that the brand entails through its performance, which once communicated to the consumer effectively brings them on the purchase decision and further to build strong profitable relationships (Kotler andKeller, 2005). Marketing communications perform a major role in the overall marketing of the brand and offer a direct communication channel with the consumers. Through marketing communications consumers get to know about the product, what it does and how it can help them solve a problem as well as where to obtain it. Also, marketing communications deliver information about the company and creates goodwill for it in doing so (Kotler and Amstrong, 1999). Companies also use marketing communications to establish connections and associations with places, people and celebrities, events, experiences and emotions (Norgan, 1994). In order to produce an effective marketing communications mix, it is essential to first identify the target audience, followed by determining the communications objectives which can be related brand awareness, brand attitude, brand purchase intention, or category need. Then after these two steps we develop the communications with either informational appeals that elaborate on theproducts performance or transformation appeals that elaborate the non-product related benefits (Bowesox, 1992). Being introduced in a time of stiff competition and changing marketing scenario, Bulldog is to incorporate the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications in its marketing plan. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an evolved concept of marketing communications which takes into account the holistic importance of marketing communications, and not considers the communications plan as a separate function. It makes use of the added advantage of building up a plan that has integration with all communications (Kotlerand Keller, 2005). Building up a marketing communications has its own challenges. Skillfully designed and implemented marketing communications programs require careful planning and a create knack. Some useful tools may provide Bulldog some perspective. A number of different models have been put forth over the years to put forth over the years to explain communications and the steps in the persuasion process. Bulldogs marketing communications have to be infused with the consideration of the following steps: (1) exposure, where a person must seeor listen to the message; (2)attention,where a person must take notice of the message being communicated; (3)comprehension,where a person must understand the message being delivered; (4) yielding where aperson must react just as expected by the marketers; (5) intentions,where a person must intend to respond in the expected behavior tha the communication was planned for; and (6) behaviour,where a person must actually act in theexpected behavior directed by the communication. Each of these steps has to occur for a consumer to be persuaded. Ifthere is a shortfall orfailure in any step along the way, then successful communication will not result for Bulldog brand. From an advertising standpoint, the ideal ad campaign for Bulldog would ensure that: (1) the male target audience is exposed to the right message at the right place and at the right time; (2) the creative strategy for the advertising causes the consumer to notice and attend to the ad but does not distract from the intended message that the brand is a male brand with the persona of loyalty and masculinity; (3) the ad properly reflects the consumers level of understanding about Bulldog; (4) the ad correctly positions Bulldog in terms of desirable and deliverable points of difference and points of parity; (5) the ad motivates consumers to consider purchase of Bulldog; and (6) the ad creates strng brand associations to all of these stored communications effects so that they can have an effect when con sumers are considering making a purchase (Percey, 2008). Now, the discussion rolls towards the amounts and kinds of marketing communications necessary to gain the customers. Economic theory suggests placing pounds into a marketing communication budget and across communication options according to marginal revenue and cost. For example, the communication mix would be optimally distributed when the last dollar spent on each communication option generated the same return. Because such information may be difficult to obtain, however, other models of budget allocation emphasize more observable factors such as stage of brand life cycle, objectives, and budget of the firm, product characteristics, size of budget, and media strategy of competitors. These factors are typically contrasted with the different characteristics of the media. Marketing Communications Tools for Bulldog Brand The marketingcommunications plan comprises thefollowing modes of communication. Advertising Advertising is a paid medium whereby presentation and promotion of messages and ideas of goods and services can take place with financial investment from the companies. Television It is a powerful medium of advertising which allows for sight, sound and motion to reach to the audience on a broad level.All UK households have televisions, and the amount of time that television sets are on each day, on average, is a staggering seven hours. The wide reach of TV advertising translates to low cost per exposure. From a brand equity perspective, TV advertising has two particularly important strengths. First, it effectively and vividly demonstrates product attributes andpersuasively explains their corresponding consumer benefits. Second, TV advertising can be a compelling means for dramatically portraying user, imagery, persona of the brand, and otherbrand intangibles. For this reason, TV remains to be an effective medium for Bulldog (Mandese, 1999). In designing and evaluating an ad campaign, marketers for Bulldog would have to distinguish the message strategy or positioning of the ad from its creative strategy. Designing effective advertising campaigns is both an art and a science: the artistic aspects relate to the creative strategy and the brand claim information the ad contains. Thus, the two main concerns in devising an advertising strategy are as follows: (1) defining the proper positioning to maximize brand equity; and (2) identifying the best creative strategy to communicate or convey the desired positioning (Edell, 1990). Wharton presents highly relevant ideas that Bulldog can use and incorporate in its marketing communication plans. But there are certain additional evolutions in the advertising scenario that also need to be considered. The media environment has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional advertising media such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers seem to be losing their grip on consumers. After the dot-com crash and subsequent hangover in the early 2000s, marketers returned to the web with vengeance, pouring $18 billion into internet advertising in 2005. Although web advertising jumped 20percent during this time, spending for TV ads remained a lot (Smith, 2008). The prognosis for TV advertising going forward is not necessarily good. With more cable companies building TiVo like digital video recorders (DVRs) into their digitals in the set boxes, household penetration of DVR in the UK was expected to jump to 33percent by 2008. One survey found that almost three-quarters of users of DVRs frequently or always skip over ads when watching recorded programs. Increased fragmentation from the proliferation of satellite and cable channels is only exacerbated the problem. Although media rates have continued to climb, viewership and readership for some key demographics such as teenagers continue to slide. The results of Forrester research survey of online 12-17 year olds revealed that 94% owned a game console of some kind, two thirds considered themselves to be active gamers, and more than 50% of males said they would rather play video games than watch TV (Wilson, 1998). Paid search services from Yahoo! And Google have exploded to become a $3 billion industry. Consumers are actively creating and sharing content online as consumer communities and blogs have been created on virtually all topics. Seventy two present of teens exchange instant messages (IMs) each day and 64 million UK residents use some type of IM application. Cell phones are becoming a critical devise for far more than phone conversations. Wharton also gives due credit to social networking websites in their captivation of a mass audience. For Bulldog this presents a rather effective medium to reach out to interactive males who search for brands online to associate with their personalities (Keller, 2002). This changing media landscape has forced marketers to revaluate how they should communicate with consumers. Bulldog has to do the same. However in the new computer era, the future of television and traditional mass marketing advertising is uncertain. In 2004, Procter and Gamble CMO Jim Stengel gave a sobering report to the advertising industry. Stengle pointed out that although new media were now abundant, marketers and agencies were not using or measuring them sufficiently. He noted how 90% of PGs global ad spending was on TV in 1994, but one of its most successful brand launches in history, for Prislosec OTC in 2003, allocated only about one-quarter of its spending to TV (Albeny, 2008). Other advertisers have stated they will eventually bypass ad agencies via interactive shopping channels, CD Rom catalogues, multimedia kiosks, and online services. Nevertheless, at least for some, the power of TV ads remains. As one advertising executive put it, Nothing competes with prime time television when it comes to communicating with a mass audience. Other mediums cant entertain and inform in the same captivating way (Lodish, 1999). Radio is a persuasive medium: 96% of all British 12 years and older listen to the radio daily and on average over 20 hours a week. Perhaps the main advantage to radio flexibility stations are highly targeted, ads are relatively inexpensive to produce, place, and short closings allow for quick responses. Radio may be effective for Bulldog, but cannot be used as a the major medium. Print media offer a stark contrast to broadcast media. Most important because they are self-placed, magazines and newspapers can provide detailed product information. At the same time, the static nature of the visual images in print media makes it difficult to provide dynamic presentations or demonstrations. Another disadvantage of print advertising is that it can be a fairly passive medium. Bulldog is already employing this medium which is quite effective to pursue further. Direct Response - In contrast to advertising in traditional broadcast and print media, which typically communicates to consumers in a non-specific and nondirective manner, direct response uses mail, telephone, internet, and various other forms of non-personal means to communicate with the consumers to generate favorable responses. Directresponse can take many forms and is not restricted to solicitations by mail, telephones, or even within traditional broadcast and print media, and can prove effective for Bulldog as it can communicate directly with its male audience, with features such as those relating to natural masculinity that the brand relates to. Websites the main advantages and disadvantages to marketing on the Web are the low cost, and the level of detail and degree of customization it offers. By capitalizing on its interactive nature marketers of Bulldog can construct Web sites that allow any consumer to choose the brand information relevant to his or her needs or desires. Interactive marketing can thus pave the way for solid relationship building. In creating creative online information sources for consumers at Bulldog website, marketers can deliver timely and reliable information. SalesPromotion Sales promotion is a mix of various monetary and non-monetary benefits that are offered on an short term basis to increase sales by encouraging consumers to purchase (Station,1994). Events and Experiences Sponsoring events is a very emerging promotional tool that has high potential for marketing success for the companies. These offer the companies to establish a direct contact with the consumers who attend the event. Companies finance various events that relate to the benefits that they offer to consumers through their brands, which in turn allows them to increase their brand recalls. Bulldog can utilize event sponsorships to build an effective brand image of masculinity where its mascot can be displayed (Crimmins,1993). Relevanceof SOSTAC The elements which are most crucial for Bulldog in the marketing communications plan in the SOSTAC model are: strategy, tactics and action. Strategy This has been already developed for the brand, which is targeted at males and positioned based on the natural ingredients it offers the males. This strategy is used as communication objectives for the marketing communications plan. The strategy includes the target market, segmentation, positioning and the targets to be achieved. The communication mix is entirely based on the strategy thus has high relevance in the communication plan as it gives direction to the entire plan (Norgan, 1994). Tactics The Tactics element of SOSTAC has the major role to play in the marketing communication plan for Bulldog as it defines the means and tools to bring to reality the strategy set forth earlier in the marketing plan (Kotler, 2005). Action Action defines how and when the plan is to be implemented by detailing numbers, dates and action plans. Without this the plan would be incomplete. Emotional Connections with Consumers Vs Rational Elements of the Brand It would be wrong to say that since the brand is for males it need not have any emotional association to be developed with the target market. The brand has its own brand persona, which is loyalty and the true means of masculinity which improves the natural male look. Thus, as well as communicating the rational elements of the brand it is essential that the brand communicates its brand persona and develops an emotional association with the target market. Emotional association allows a stronger brand loyalty and relationship to be developed with the customers. Males do have emotionality not similar to women of course but slightly different in transition. Males are seriously involved in the brands of cigarettes and technological gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops and various different types of software. Since Bulldog is a brand with personality it can easily develop emotional association with the customers. This can be effectively executed through advertising to infuse such associat ion into the minds of the audience. Conclusion ForBulldog, a well-crafted marketing communications can do wonders for building a strong brand image, position and equity among its target customers: the men. But the challenge is to incorporate the right communication methods in the communication mix to make the overall marketing communication plan effective. Marketing communications perform many functions for the consumers. Consumers can be told or shown how and why a product is used, by what kind of person, and where and when consumers can learn about who makes the product and what the company and brand stand for, and consumers can be given an incentive or reward for the trail, or usage. Building up a marketing communications has its own challenges. Skilfully designed and implemented marketing communications programs require careful planning and a create knack. Some useful tools may provide Bulldog some perspective. The major means of communication which the brand can use are advertising on the television, print, billboards and ra dio. Other than that online medium is a fast growing medium which the brand can also use to effectively communicates the message that the brand of Bulldog is to entail. It would be wrong to say that since the brand is for males it need not have any emotional association to be developed with the target market. The brand has its own brand persona, which is loyalty and the true means of masculinity which improves the natural male look. Thus, as well as communicating the rational elements of the brand it is essential that the brand communicates its brand persona and develops an emotional association with the target market. Buy custom Marketing Communication of Bulldog Brand essay

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Learn how to get only As for your paper!

Learn how to get only As for your paper! How to End Failing Grades in Paper Writing Failing grades on papers in college is a GPA â€Å"killer.† When a major research paper can be fully one-third of a course grade, it is easy to understand that no one ever wants a â€Å"D† or â€Å"F† on one of them. And yet those grades are quite common, when students submit writing paper assignments that are just not up to the standards that college-level work demands. If you are the recipient of some of these kinds of grades, you know you have to something to fix the issues you have. But you can’t fix those issues unless you first identify them. So, here are common causes of poor writing grades, and if you can identify yours, you’ve made the first step toward grade recovery. Course overload: Some students are just too ambitious and enroll in either too many courses or in too many really challenging courses. And many students have part-time jobs that they must keep due to their financial situations. Take a long hard look at the courses you are currently in. If it is early in the semester, you might want to consider dropping ones in which you are struggling and picking up a â€Å"fluff† course to keep your credit load the same. This will naturally give you more time to spend on the essay and paper writing for the remaining courses. Time Management/Procrastination: If you are not organizing your time efficiently, you will always end up trying to get those essays and papers completed at the last minute. This is a â€Å"death knell,† because you will never do a good job when rushed. And if you are the type of person who is continually putting things off and choosing social time instead, you will always have your â€Å"back up against the wall† when you finally do have to get a paper in. Students who get consistently good grades on writing assignments schedule time for them in advance and stick to a schedule of daily assignments, time for work on longer-term essays and papers, down-time to just chill, job, and other co-curricular and social activities. If you manage yourself well, you will have time for all of these things. Lack of Motivation: If you are forced to take a course in which you have no interest, do not feel alone. Every college student faces this issue, and it is really hard to get motivated to write an essay or a paper on a topic you really dis-like. There is no cure for this, but you will have to force yourself to put together a credible piece of writing anyway. One thing you can do is get online and read sample essays and/or papers on the topic, and these will give you some good ideas for development and perhaps some current resource materials that you can use. A word of caution: all of your professors have plagairism-detection software at their disposal, and, in fact, a number of colleges now require that a student submit a TurnItIn report with their essays and papers. Don’t try to â€Å"game the system!† Organizing Information/Data from Several Sources: Writing a paper that will earn a good grade means that information and data is presented in an organized fashion. When several sources are used, synthesizing that content can be a challenge, especially when you have to be very careful about the specific source of each piece. If you struggle with combining the results of research into logical sub-topics, you need an organizing system. In high school, you probably used note cards, and that works for many students. If it doesn’t work for you, try listing each sub-topic at the top of a page and then enter information that pertains to that sub-topic (with the source and page number of course) all on two or three pages. You can then print those page out, lay them before you, and have a complete picture of the information you have on a sub-topic. Combining similar pieces of data from different sources is then an easy task. English writing skills: If you do not have proficient composition skills, you probably already know it. Even though a paper may be for a history class, lack of good writing automatically lowers a grade. Professors are, after all, human, and they get frustrated when they have to read anything that is poorly written – they cannot focus on your content, no matter how good it is. You must get help if this is your issue, and here are your options: First, commit to remediating your skills through an online course or a tutor. This will take time but eventually pays off. Make use of the writing lab on your campus – it’s free, and there are good writers there to help you. Write your rough draft and have a friend who is a good writer review and edit it for you. Get a writing style app that will find your major errors and give you solution suggestions. Contact a custom paper writing company and get original custom writing of your essays and papers. The additional â€Å"plus† of this option is that you can study the pieces as you work to improve your own skills.

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Attributes Determining Lynettes Success in the Business Case Study - 2

Attributes Determining Lynettes Success in the Business - Case Study Example As a positivist, Lynette saw opportunities where previous managers found obstacles. In addition, the entrepreneur was able to free her mind from any disappointment in order to achieve the dream of profitable and expanded business. Patience: Lynette purchased the business with one clear mind of turning it around. It is evident from the case study that she assumed the role of a salesperson and spend a considerable amount of time trying to convince clients to renew their membership while at the same time registering new entrants by mainly focusing on corporate clients. Persistence: Certainly, the future holds the unknown and when Lynette purchased a loss-making business, she never got discouraged. Even with the numerous challenges that the entrepreneur had to come across, her persistence and sense of focus played a key role in meeting the dream of transforming the business back to profitability. Merger: The entrepreneur was operating in this line of business and this means she had some other businesses of similar nature. Bearing in mind the poor performance of this business, I would have considered merging it with other profitable businesses and change its name completely. This would have totally replaced the current business with one of the best performing businesses in the market hence attracting many clients. Offering discounts: I would introduce discount packages for both new entrants and clients renewing their registrations. This would not only act as a motivation to both groups but also indirectly boost new registrations through referrals and take advantage of reduced subscription fees. According to the case study, Lynette claims to have carried out homework before signing the ownership contract. Basically, not all entrepreneurs would consider purchasing a loss-making entity that is on verge of  collapsing. In this sense, by Lynette said to have done homework means that she had conducted research on this business. Such research must have revolved around this particular business to understand what was ailing it.